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Both men and women experience fluctuations in hormone levels as they get older, which cause many symptoms including fatigue, mood changes, and weight gain. But you don’t have to suffer from these symptoms. Erica Song, MD, FACOG, FAARM, at Vibrant Life Medicine in Englewood, New Jersey, can help restore your hormone levels and improve your symptoms naturally with bioidentical hormone therapy. For a consultation, call the office today to request an appointment

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

What are hormones?

Hormones are the chemicals that relay messages throughout your body. Your hormones are responsible for regulating your heartbeat, digestion, and reproduction. Some of the hormones in your body include:

  • Estrogen and progesterone
  • Testosterone and androgens
  • Cortisol, DHEA and Pregnenolone
  • Thyroid hormones

When your hormones are in balance, your body thrives. But when your hormonal levels change, which can occur at any time, your body may not quite function as you expect.

Dr. Song understands the effects a hormonal imbalance has on your body and offers bioidentical hormone therapy to optimize your levels and make you feel good again.

What are bioidentical hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are a natural hormone replacement option. Traditional hormone therapy uses synthetic hormones that you may not tolerate as well as the natural hormone replacement. The bioidentical hormones have the same chemical composition as the hormones naturally found in your body.

How do I know if I need bioidentical hormone therapy?

Dr. Song determines if you need bioidentical hormone therapy when you come in for an evaluation. Hormone imbalance affects both men and women throughout very specific stages of life, including:


Perimenopause occurs in women before they officially reach menopause. During this stage, your estrogen levels fluctuate and cause symptoms often associated with menopause, including night sweats, hot flashes, and mood changes.


Menopause marks the official end of your reproductive years and leads to a significant decrease in estrogen levels and possibly testosteronem, which can lead to mood changes, brain fog, weight gain, trouble sleeping,  decrease in bone density and low libido..


As men get older their testosterone levels fall, which leads to similar symptoms women experience during menopause.

Adrenal Fatigue

Low energy, trouble sleeping, brain fog and more can all be symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue comes from chronic stress. When your body and mind are pushed too hard, your adrenals might stop producing cortisol and other hormones the way they should.

When you go through any of these life changes, you may find your symptoms difficult to live with, but Dr. Song can restore hormonal balance and improve your quality of life.

What can I expect from bioidentical hormone therapy?

With bioidentical hormone therapy, Dr. Song can customize your hormone replacement to fit your exact hormonal needs. By providing you with the exact hormones your body needs in precise amounts, she can optimize your hormone levels to resolve your symptoms and restore your vibrancy.

Hormone imbalance can affect all of your body systems and create symptoms that can be difficult to manage on your own. For help balancing your hormones with all-natural bioidentical hormone therapy, call Vibrant Life Medicine toda

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